Amelia Lily A Star is Born

Amelia Lily – Left the Judges and Audiences Wowed

Amelia Lily has wowed judges and the audiences present with her super powered voice at the ‘The X Factor’ auditions of 2011 and this 16 years old girl can already look forward to a power packed career ahead of her. This teenager has been singing since childhood and has dreamt of doing it for the rest of her life. After the judges praised her for her stunning performance in the auditions, she was even more determined to carry on with her passion for as long as she lives. Her performance of Janis Joplin’s “A piece of my heart” that was originally a hit for Erma Franklin in 1968 was an outstanding one that left the judges speechless. Judge Gary Barlow was actually “blown away” by her performance and so were the other judges and the audience.

Check out what the judges had to say in this Video.

Amelia Lily is a contestant who does have ‘The X Factor’ that everyone may be looking for in a star and a performer. Her voice is very mature and for a 16 years old having a voice like hers is simply incredible. Gary Barlow was so blown away by her voice that he could not help saying “Oh my Goodness, 16 years-old that was incredible. That absolutely lifted the top off this arena, well done. Amazing vocals Amelia I am blown away.” According to judges, the kind of voice Amelia has, people work their whole lives to get to the level she presented in the auditions itself. Judge Tulisa had to say to Amelia “People work their whole lives and take forever to get to the level that you are at now, you’ve come on that stage so much older than your years. That was amazing you blew up the stage, your energy was off the chain, well done.” Truly the energy with which Amelia gave her performance was amazing. The power in her voice and the passion that was visible is sure to take this prodigy far in her career as a singer. The reaction of the audience was priceless. The way they swayed with her song and the way they cheered her while she performed in front of them, was proof enough that she will shine bright in the industry when she gets into it.

Amelia with the amazing singing talent took the stage of ‘The x Factor’ and not only wowed judges but also the audience watching her in the Liverpool leg of the auditions. Her parents have been a great source of inspiration for this teenager who wants to rock the world. They have supported her with her passion for the art and have encouraged her to give it her best shot always. During the auditions too, they were there for her cheering her from back stage. Judge Tulisa could not believe that this contestant was only 16 years old given her strong voice and the levels at which she too her performance to. Amelia Lily was truly overwhelmed by the reaction of the judges as well as the audience and fought back tears to see all of this.

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Amelia New Look and Outfit was the culprit

One of our readers commented:

They dyed her hair pink, dressed her in slutty looking denim shorts and leather jacket and then threw her out. When you look at the videos of Amelia when she dressed herself and coloured her own hair, wow – what a difference. All the other girls were dressed up on Saturday night. Sophie turned from an ordinary looking girl into a supermodel. They reversed the process on Amelia.

How true is that! She voiced what all the collective fans of Amelia thought. When she first entered, she took away all our hearts, and then they changed her.

Amelia LilyShe did say that she didn’t like her new outfit.
All the Tabloid wrote about how she refused to wear revealing clothes.
In her words:
“They’ve been dressing me in outfits and they have had to take me out of some because they were too revealing because of my age”

But she never asked for her awkward hair dye and her dress was still Slutty.. and that hideous pink dye .. Was it a conspiracy to throw her out. Not every one is Lady Gaga for God’s sake.

But Like I said earlier, this isn’t the end of her world and she will be a star very soon. We are all waiting for her first single…
She is way better than all the other contestants, and she only has the voice to appeal Millions of fans.

She has the voice of a Star and that is what matters. I would buy all her songs…
It doesn’t matter that she din’t win X Factor. For us, she has already won our hearts and that is what matters.

Go on and follow her on Twitter.

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Amelia Lily is Out of Xfactor

First Steve Jobs died, and before I have recovered the shock, Amelia Lily was let go from Xfactor. This hasn’t been a Very Good Autumn..

But I think this isn’t the end of the world, and I think this is quite beginning. Xfactor judges don’t make or break a great musician. It is the fans that make a great musician, and Amelia has hundreds of thousands of fans ready to listen to her hit singles.
Amelia Lily

Well Kelly Rowland did say that she has great things written for her already and that she will be great star. I certainly do agree, but not sure how she was booted. But, it can’t be reversed and I don’t really care either. We all love Amelia Lily, and she was born for bigger things. Much bigger than just a Reality show star. We are all eagerly waiting for her first album.

With the right manager, and the right strategy, she will certainly be as big as any of the Stars of today.
We wish her very good luck.

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Amelia Lily and Frankie Cocozza

So what is this story about Frankie Cocozza and Amelia Lily?

The story started after the 16 X factor finalists moved into the X Factor mansion where all of them will be staying till the finals. According to some inside sources, the two have been flirting quite a bit.

Story then started that Frankie Cocozza was seen flirting with Amelia in the Pool. In the pool? So they ave been having a good time and such, but I think they should now concentrate on winning.
amelia lily and frankie cocozza in the X Factor mansion Pool
Frankie is also quite a flirt he has revealed that he has a lists if ladies’ name tattooed on his back side. I am sure he will be adding another name there soon.

Cocozza quote: “I can’t wait to have a little swim, hopefully be joined by the girls.

Frankie Cocozza has also been tweeting I Love You messages to a lot of his Twitter Fans, and this is going to get interesting.

The romance aside, the good news is that although there have only been 2 female winners out of 7 in the previous X factor series, this season will be ladies’

According to bookies, the current favorite to win is Janet Devlin.
But I have my bet on Amelia Lily. Misha Bryan and Sophie Habibis are also close, but I would think the winner would be Amelia, if not by Frankie Cocozza who is the only guy in the top five, but Boys have mostly won the X-factor.

Here is Amelia Lily’s Twitter account. Feel free to follow. @AmeliaLilyOffic

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Amelia Lily is Diabetic

Amelia Lily, our favorite star, and the favorite of xfactor is a diabetic. She has been fighting this since she was 3 and she needs to maintain her blood sugar at all the times. She is even worried that this might impact her career as singing can get quite tiring. Oh well, we sure wish her all the best and that we pray that this don’t come in her way. There are hundreds of thousands of young people who are diabetic and they are all getting by. With all the love that she has been showered with, I am sure, she can survive for a 100 years and continue to sing.

Some of the famous celebrities who are diabetic are: Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, and Nick Jonas and I would like to tell her that something as trivial as diabetes will not come in her way.

We love you very much.
Also, she wil soon be able to a keep a personal assistant who will look after her and take care of her sugar needs..


Here is a link to the video to the Xfactor boot camp.

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Amelia Lily Singing Someone Like You

Here is a video of Amelia Lily singing Someone Like one.
Pretty awesome.

If she won;t become a star, who would?

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Who is Amelia Lily and what is this site?

Amelia Lily is a 16 year old girl who came to Xfactor UK yesterday. I saw her Audition on Youtube, and I became one of her thousands of fans. Yes, we were the first Fans, because mark our words, She is a born star. And the judges of Xfactor also agreed that a Star was born. I feel proud to be starting the first every Fansite of Amelia Lily. Tomorrow I can can that I was part of her metamorphosis into a Star. She isn’t like that Britain’s Got Talents Holly Steel or Susan Boyle. She isn’t a cute kid in a tutu, nor is she an ugly duckling with the voice of an opera singer. She is a normal teenager, who can sing pretty well, in a voice that can really get popular. And with a platform like xfactor, she would be the next Britney Spears in popularity or an Amy Winehouse.

emily lily SingerI am sure every visitor to my site also like this girl, and you are already in love with her Voice. I am sure we will get to see a lot of her in the days to come. Stay tuned, and we will keep you posted.

She is indeed a real winner. We will get to see a lot of her soon. Today is just the beginning. The next decade will belong to Amelia Lily.

Here is Amelia Lily Singing Piece of my heart in the X Factor Auditions:

We will keep posting more Videos.


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